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The quality of tablet tooling begins with the raw material. At EVEREST we take utmost precaution in sourcing the raw material. The raw material is always procured from the first source along with the test certificate from the supplier. Fresh material is always checked and tested for all important characteristics.
The importance of MASTER Hobs are very critical in tool designing. A thorough study of customers specification is done for the selection of cutter angles for breaklines and monograms, so as to provide better quality and elegant look of the tablet. To achieve the best quality hobs, we have develop a special custom made cad-cam software. The end result…..top quality, precision engineered master hobs - accurate and repeatable.
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Embossing of Master Punch plays an important role in Tablet tool making. Our Hydraulic Press meets this challenge.

New, state-of-the-art CNC turning machine for machining of Punches and dies blanks.
At EVEREST our trust is always on continuous improvement by adopting advance technology and latest know how. For special shaped dies we have CNC Wirecut Machine enabling us flexibility in shape and designing.

Grinding is critical process in tablet tool making. Our Programable Hydraulic cylindrical Grinding Machine along with experienced operators ensures highest level of dimensional accuracy.

For odd and special shape toolings, we have the latest Profile grinding machine which produce superior quality punches. with high dimensional accuracy.

At EVEREST we follow stringent quality control procedure. Our systematic method of inspection at every stage of manufacturing
process ensures that all the punches and dies are tested and checked thoroughly for hardness and critical dimensions individually.
EVEREST TOOLS & DIES India's No.1 Manufacturer of Tablet Tooling.
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