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The Tablet's Punches & Dies industry has been grown and jumped over the years with the growth of Pharmaceutical Industries.

EVEREST TOOLS & DIES is at the forefront of tablet tooling technology and has earned a great deal of reputation and appreciation through its technical excellence from the pharma industry as well as India. EVEREST has focussed exclusive on tablet tooling.

EVEREST TOOLS & DIES comes under the flag ship of Mr.MANOHAR.LAL.KHANNA, a junior engineer who started his career with INDIA'S first company who made rotary compression machine in year 1962. From very next year the demand for tooling was picking up in India, but the lack of proper machines and equipment for making Punches & Dies were not sufficient and to cater the demand of pharmaceutical industry, in terms of their quality and delivery schedule. Mr.M.L.KHANNA had thorough knowledge and experience as a punch and die manufacturer and could see the future growing demand for toolings.With the purpose of supplying best Punches and Dies on time, quality and competitive rates, EVEREST TOOLS & DIES was formed.

At EVEREST our trust is always on continuous improvement by adopting advance technology and latest know-how. Today the group is at the top stage from where it can overflow all the requirements of Pharma Industry with total customer's satisfaction. The annual manufacturing capacity of Round shape tooling is 15,000 sets, and non-round shape tooling around 10,500 sets

[1 set consists of:1 upper punch,1 lower punch & 1die.]

EVEREST TOOLS & DIES India's No.1 Manufacturer of Tablet Tooling.