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Punches & Dies in all shapes & design for various types of Rotary Tabletting Machines.
Toolings offered for various presses like:-
Cadmach Kikusui
Manesty Sviac
Killian Courtoy
IMA Stokes
Fette ZP (Chinese Make)
Hornock Jcmco (Taiwanese make)
Korsch Seejong(Korean make)
Punches & Dies with or without embossing letter, logo or monogram of company's product engraved. Confirming to Eurostandard / I.P.T. Standard Tolerances.
Punches and Dies Inspection Kit.
Punches and Dies Polishing Kit.
Tungsten Carbide Tip Punches. (Any shape).
Dies with Tungsten Carbide bush (Any shape).
Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest, toughest and most wear-resistant material known to man. Our R & D team has made from a special formulation of powders, which is pressed and then sintered to bond
the powders into a hard and homogenous structure with superior crystalline structure and uniformity.Die wear can be identified by a prominent 'ringing' in the area of the bore where the tablet is compressed, and normally occurs when abrasive products are being compressed, high pressures are used to form the tablet or the dies are used beyond their expected service life.
Tungsten Carbide Lined Dies are machined to the same fine tolerances and finish as solid steel dies. The tungsten carbide insert is tested under high loads prior to dispatch to ensure integrity of bond between the outer case and the liner.
Tungsten Carbide Line Dies are manufactured from high grade tungsten carbide in soft as well as hardened tool steel case. They are a high quality alternative where steel has failed to improve die wear.
EVEREST TOOLS & DIES India's No.1 Manufacturer of Tablet Tooling.